Botou Kexinda Roll Forming Machine Co., Ltd.
About Kexinda

Kexinda is an expert cold roll forming machine supplier with near 20 years’ experience. We are located near Beijing and Tianjin, and lie in the north of Bohai Sea.
Kexinda is now providing all kinds of roll formers used for fabricating different metal materials, like roofing sheet, wall panels, roof tile, purlin, shutter door, guide rail, car body panel, and pallet rack, just to name a few. According to clients’ production needs, we will customize roll former with the required parameters and performance for them.

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Main Products

Kexinda is committed to designing one-stop tile forming solutions according to different clients’ requirements and actual needs.

We have an expert design team incorporating over 10 people, who are in charge of making drawings of fabrication and installation with software. All of the steel structures and machineries are inspected strictly with advanced all-digital techniques in Kexinda.

In terms of service system, Kexinda has established a sales team to offer clients expert panel roll forming solutions. Our technicians will go to users’ production sites for assistance whenever it is necessary. If there are any problems occurred, we will have technicians to test and repair the accessories for you. In addition, our equipment is given detailed users’ manual and safety precautions. For any questions, you can ask for help via phone or real-time video. All of the commonly-used accessories of our machineries are in safety stock.

For each roll former we have shipped, Kexinda will present customers some consumable parts like stroke switches, buttons, fuses, relays, and counters for replacement. Those accessories broken within one year and were identified as quality issue will be offered for free.

Botou Kexinda Roll Forming Machine Co., Ltd.
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