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Roofing Sheet Roll Forming Machine

Roll Forming Machine for Roofing Sheet, Roof Panel Roll Forming Machine, Roll Forming Machine for Metal Sheet

 Roofing Sheet Roll Forming Machine

Roofing sheet roll forming system is comprised of material feeding, roll forming, and shearing sections. Equipped with PLC computer control system and hydraulic pumping system, the forming machine is of high automation and is easy to be operated.

Kexinda is able to customize panel roll forming machines used for producing roof panels with different shapes and dimensions according to the standards of different regions. We have 840, 850, and 860 series machines for 1m-wide panels. For roof panels used in Southeast Asia whose required width is 914mm, we have 760 and 762 series prepared. 1000 series roof panel forming machine is designed for the Middle East where the roof panels are generally 1200mm or 1220mm wide. Customization service is offered by our design team, which is comprised of over 10 professional designers.

This roof panel forming machine is mainly applied in producing roofing panels of plant, warehouse, garage, hangar, stadium, exhibition hall, and theaters, etc.

a. The roof panel roll former is equipped with PLC touch screen control system (multi-language selection system is available upon request)
b. The double-line chain allows for uniform and large transmission force
c. The cutting blades of the roofing sheet roll forming machine is made from Cr13 molybdenum-vanadium steel, featuring high hardness and high wear resistance. The roofing sheet produced by the roll forming machine is distinguished for flat surface
d. Shaft made from 45# steel is designed with a diameter of 80mm
e. 24V constant pressure hydraulic system
f. Shear beam made of 20mm-thick plates

Parameters of 1000 Series Roofing Panel Forming Machine
Components manual uncoiler, guiding platform, coil strip leveler, main unit of roll forming, motor, cutting device, hydraulic station, PLC control system, support table
Control system PLC delta inverter
Main frame 300 mm H-beam
Main power 4 kw
Pump power 3 kw
Power supply 380V, 3-phase, 50Hz
Forming speed 15-20 m/min
Cutting speed 8-12m/min
Roll station 14 stands
Roller diameter 80mm
Hydraulic pressure 10-12 MPa
Forming size 1000 mm
Feeding thickness 0.3-0.8 mm
Feeding width 1220 mm
Backboard thickness 14mm
Chain size 20mm
Cutter standard Cr12
Roller standard 45#
Cr-plating size 0.05mm
Overall size 7500× 1450×1600 mm
Total weight 4.5t

In Kexinda, we provide one year warranty and lifetime maintenance for all of our roll forming machineries. The equipment will be shipped accompanied with some consumable parts so users are be able to replace those broken parts in time. Supported by an expert after sales service team, any machine commissioning requirement will be met efficiently.

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