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Steel Stud and Track Roll Forming Machine

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 Steel Stud and Track Roll Forming Machine

Thisroll forming machine is designed to manufacture steel stud and track, which is a new construction material more and more used in different buildings. The material is commonly seen in hotels, docks, stations, museums, theaters, cinemas, shopping centers, factories, office buildings, reconstruction, home decoration and garage, etc.

As a kind of steel structure applied in ceilings, steel stud and track is endowed with the requirements and features of light weight, good noise insulation, waterproof, anti-vibration, anti-dust, and thermal insulation. It is designed to be a steel frame for indoor decoration, with high-quality hot-dip galvanized steel strip as its raw material. Kexinda has prepared various roll formers for producing steel studs and tracks with different shapes like C, U and cap for different applications.

1. The body of the steel frame roll former is given tempering treatment and won’t get deformed easily.
2. The hardness of the roller shaft reaches HB280.
3. The roll former is designed with handwheel for easy operation and adjustment.
4. The gears contribute to accurate transmission process.
5. The cutting process is conducted fully automatically, with the cutting speed reaching 30-40m/min.

Technical Parameters
Applicable panel color steel panel, galvanized steel sheet
Panel width upon clients' request
Panel thickness 0.3-1.5mm
Uncoiler with a bearing capacity of 5 tons
Lines of wheels 11 lines
Wheel diameter 42 mm
Wheel material Cr12 steel
Main motor 4kw
Production speed 35-50m/min
Shearing manner track shear
Material of cutter Cr12
Hydraulic pump 3kw
Control system PLC system from Delta
Error within 1mm
Middle panel 18mm
Machine frame 300 H
Weight about 2.6t
Dimension 6.0*1.0*1.5m
Power 380V 50Hz 3phases (variable as needs)
Certificate CE/ISO/TUV
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