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Other Roll Forming Machine

Car Body Panel Roll Former, Cladding Panel Roll Former, Gutter Roll Forming Machine, Pallet Rack Roll Former, Downspout Roll Former

    1. Metal Cladding Panel Roll Forming MachineThis roll forming machine is applied in producing decorative wall cladding and wall panels. It produces cladding panels mainly from color steel plates and galvanized plates.
    1. Gutter Roll Forming MachineKexinda Gutter roll forming machine is designed with a dimension of 8.2*1.3*1.5m. It is distinguished for stable performance, high price/performance ratio, and easy operation.
    1. Downspout Roll Forming MachineThe downspout it produces is applied in collecting the rainwater running off the roof, and releasing them to the pipes arranged underground. It is available in round and square types.
    1. Metal Stair Tread Roll Forming MachineThis roll forming machine is applicable in fabricating metal stair tread, which is also known as safety tread, checker plate, tread plate, and Durbar floor plate.
    1. Pallet Rack Roll Forming MachineThe pallet rack roll forming machine developed by Kexinda is used for producing shelves and racks applied in warehouse racking system. The