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Metal Roof Tile Roll Forming Machine

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 Metal Roof Tile Roll Forming Machine

Metal roof tile roll forming machine for 0.27mm-0.8mm color steel plates or galvanized sheets.
The metal roof tile roll forming machine is made to produce tiles with the appearance of traditional terra cotta and reflect the far-reaching Chinese culture. It is able to process metal roof tiles with various colors from matte to glossy.

The unit weight of metal roof tile the roll former manufactures is only 1/10 of that of terra cotta, but its strength reaches a high level which is unattainable for terra cotta. Metal roof tile is designed with extremely strong resistance to wind and climate. Its service life is as long as 30 years, which is powerfully guaranteed by the multi-coating treatment on the tile’s surface. The combination of seamless connection and comprehensive sealing components makes metal roof tile unparalleled in terms of waterproof performance.

This metal roof tile roll former is particularly suitable for light steel structure, concrete structure, wood structure, and some slope structures.

a. The roof tile roll forming machine adopts synchronous control and is designed with 9-line roll forming technique. The processed panels are given flat and smooth surface.
b. With servo motor and main drive shaft, the plate forming speed of the panel roll former is up to 4-6 m/min, far greater than that of common ones, whose speed is no more than 2m/min.
c. To meet the high efficiency requirements of 4m/min, the roll forming machine is equipped with 7kw motor and large-power oil pump attached with cooling system.

Different Kinds of Metal Roof Tiles

1100 metal roof tile is the most commonly seen one among partial arc metal tile roofs. It is especially popular in Russia.

828-1035 metal roof tile is a kind of arc roof tile. Among all of the metal roof tiles it is the cheapest one.

950 series metal roof tile is stepped type. It has found large popularity mainly in Africa.

960 metal roof tile is a kind of corrugated roof tile

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