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Metal Deck Roll Forming Machine

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 Metal Deck Roll Forming Machine

The metal deck roll forming machine in Kexinda is mainly available in 3 models: 688, 720, and 915. In addition to the standard ones, Kexinda provides custom roll formers to meet clients’ actual requirements.

In construction, the adoption of metal deck for concrete floor will not only improve the floor’s rigidity, but also cut on the consumption of reinforcement and concrete. The combination of the max binding force between the metal deck and concrete and the stiffener ensures a strong bearing capacity for the metal deck system.

1. The body of the metal deck roll forming machine is welded from 450mm H steel, with the middle plate welded from 20mm steel plates. Width of the raw material is 1.25m. With an intelligent PLC control system, the length of the metal deck is controlled within 2mm, and the forming speed reaches 6-12m/min.
2. To ensure that the shaft of the roll former won’t get bent due to the high forming speed, we have especially designed several pressure rings for the former. The panels produced by the roll former are of smooth and flat surface.
3. The roll forming machine is equipped with double power system connected with couplings to avoid the concentric problems between the shaft and the reducer.
4. The panels will not get deformed after being sheared. The special cutter allows for small shearing force either for thick or thin panels.
5. The metal deck roll former employs 2inch chain wheel which have been given high-frequency quenching treatment. It runs stably with no noise.

  • 720 type metal deck roll forming machine

  • H75metal deck roll former

Metal deck is extensively applied in the steel structures of power station, electric power equipment company, automobile exhibition hall, steel structure workshop, cement warehouse, steel structure office, airport terminal, railway station, stadium, concert hall, grand theater, large supermarket, logistics center, Olympic venues, etc.

  1. 1. Baffle
  2. 2. Steel beam
  3. 3. Reinforcing mesh
  4. 4. Concrete
  5. 5. Bearing plate
  6. 6. Screws
Technical Parameters
Components manual uncoiler, guiding platform, coil strip leveler, main unit of roll forming, motor, cutting device, hydraulic station, PLC control system, support table
Control system PLC inverter from Panasonic
Main frame 400mm H-beam
Main power 18.5 kw
Pump power 7.5 kw
Power supply 380V, 3-phase, 50Hz
Forming speed 8-12m/min
Roll station 24 stands
Roller diameter 95mm
Hydraulic pressure 18-20MPa
Forming size 688mm
Feeding thickness 0.3-0.8 mm
Feeding width 1000mm
Backboard thickness 22mm
Chain size 66mm
Cutter material Cr12
Roller material Cr12
Cr-plating size 0.05mm
Overall size 15000×1200×1100mm
Total weight 19t
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