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Guardrail Roll Forming Machine

Highway Guiderail Forming Machine, Rail Roll Forming Machine, Guide Rail Roll Forming Line, Roll Forming Line for Highway Guide Rail

 Roll forming unit
Roll forming unit

Kexinda guardrail roll forming machine is comprised of roll former unit, press, decoiler, receiving rack, and computer control system. It is designed especially to produce highway guard rail, which works to transfer the impact energy through the deformation of column and beam, to force the out-of-control vehicle to go back to its original direction, and to protect the vehicles and passengers to the max extent.

Apart from standard models, Kexinda also provides custom roll former. Our design team consisted of over 10 designers is committed to customizing roll forming lines with the specific dimensions and performance clients have required.

All of the roll forming machines in Kexinda are guaranteed with one year’s warranty and lifetime maintenance. We have prepared some consumable parts shipped accompanied with the forming equipment for the convenience of replacement. Machine commissioning requirements of each of our customers are met efficiently with our sales team.

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