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Auxiliary Machinery for Roll Forming Line

Metal Panel Roll Forming Line, Press Brake, Sheet Metal Shear, Metal Slitting Machine, Automatic Stacker, Cold Roll Forming Line

    1. Press BrakeIt is generally composed of bracket, workbench, and clamping devices, among which the workbench consisted of base and platen is placed on the bracket.
    1. Sheet Metal ShearDesigned with a moving upper cutter and a fixed lower one, as well as a reasonable cutter space, sheet shearing machine cuts metal plates with various thickness basing on the prescribed dimension.
    1. Metal Slitting MachineA metal slitting machine divides master metal coils into smaller coils with the required specification. The base of a metal slitter is welded with structural steel and steel plates, featuring high stability.
    1. Sheet metal leveling machineSheet metal leveling machine is commonly used for straightening different specifications of cold/hot rolled sheet metal.
    1. Hydraulic UncoilerHydraulic uncoiler comprised of frame, main shaft, reel, and brake device is used for supporting coils and offering tension for steel strips.
    1. Automatic StackerStacking machine is designed to stack the finished products on trays or pallets (wood/plastic) automatically in a certain order. Then the products will be transported by a forklift and stored in warehouse.