Clients from Thailand visited our assembly workshop for composite panel production line. They knew us in the China Import and Export Fair, and ordered a batch of C/Z purlin roll forming machines and 840 trapezoidal roof panel forming machines. Later, they came to us again to purchase composite panel production lines and 840 glazed tile roll forming machines.

The Indian client came to learn how to operate their roof panel roll former. They have ever introduced a popular roller series, 1000 series trapezoidal sheet forming machine from us.

Clients from India

This client ordered a set of double-layer roof panel forming machine from Kexinda, and has established long-term cooperative relationship with us since then.

Shown is one of our regular customers. They visited us for technical training. After the meeting, our employees accompanied them to climb the Great Wall.

Composite panel production line for a client in Ghana (Africa)

The engineer is testing machine for our regular client in Novosibirsk (Russia)

Machine commissioning in Nigeria (Africa)